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YELLOWPAPER: The Top 12 Reasons Sales Training Fails – and How to Prevent Them.

In this Yellowpaper we look at the top 12 reasons why sales training fails and provide practical ideas and insights to help ensure any potential failures are mitigated and any investment delivers the long term behaviour change and performance improvement needed.

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YELLOWPAPER: Growing your own talent

In this Yellowpaper we detail the benefits that a well executed "Grow Your Own" talent strategy can bring, and share some insights and best practices on how to go about it.

YELLOWPAPER: How to Question Effectively

In this Yellowpaper we look at 34 great questions to ask customers, and explore why they are effective in helping to qualify whether there is a potential deal on the table or not - and how soon the deal will close

YELLOWPAPER: How to Write Compelling Executive Summaries

In this Yellowpaper we look at why it is important to structure Executive Summaries in a particular way, what the structure should be - and what good looks like.
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TOOL: Account Plan

This Account Plan is easy to use and designed to capture the minimum amount of information necessary for a salesperson to effectively manage their account.  Whilst intuitive, users are welcome to contact Sales Gym 360 for a walkthrough.